Achieving Your Goals – be your own Life Coach

Many of us wait until the New Year to look at our goals and resolutions. But in reality we can decide to make changes at any time. As the seasons change it is a good time to take stock of where you are, and what you want to achieve.

Many of you will have found my website by searching on the internet for a Life Coach. If you feel that you need help in setting and achieving your goals then, of course, a Life Coach can help you. You can find out more by sending me an email or giving me a call.

But if you just want some help and advice how to make progress yourself and become your own Life Coach – read on …

Firstly be specific

A vague idea of what you want is a good start, but if you want to achieve it you have to be very specific. If you want to be healthier what does that mean to you? If you want a new job then what sort of job do you want – and what don’t you want. It might help to think about what you don’t like currently.

Make it measurable

How will you know when you’ve got there? If you chose to be healthier what is the measure? Losing a certain number of pounds of weight? Eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day? Or completing a 5km race? The more specific you were in point one then the easier you will find this step.

When are you going to achieve it by?

You must set a date when you want to achieve your goal. Even if you choose a date a long way off you need something to aim for. Once you have chosen your goal then break it down into smaller steps.
For example, if you want to be in your new job by the end of June what do you need to have done by the end of March to be on track? And what do you need to have done by the end of January? And what do you need to do this week or today?

Phrase your goal in the positive

Stop thinking about what you want – think and act as if you already have it. Don’t phrase a goal “I want to be healthier”. Tell yourself “I am healthier”, “I eat 5 portions of fruit and veg daily”, “I enjoy exercise”. Start doing things now. For example, I often hear people say “when I lose weight I’ll join a walking club (insert whatever you would enjoy doing here). When there is nothing stopping them joining the walking club today.

By the way, this can be a good point for your Life Coach or Hypnotherapist to help you. I can help you to overcome any mental blocks you might have that are stopping you taking action. Or we can work on motivation etc together.

Check why you are doing it

Just do a quick double check that this is your goal – something that you want for yourself. Don’t pick a goal because your partner or children think you should do it. If you are happy in your current job and the salary suits you don’t feel pressured into moving because your friends are getting promoted and talking about how wonderful their lives are. Remember, people tend to embellish the truth and the grass is always greener on the other side.

Write your goal down – where you can see it.

Writing a goal down makes more of a commitment – some people find it better to tell somebody else as well but that is down to personal choice. But you must write it down somewhere visible and it really helps if you review it every day and read it out to yourself – just to remind your unconscious mind what you are aiming towards.

Drop the word “Trying”

Commit to your goal and to what you want. The unconscious mind doesn’t like ambiguity, it responds better to very clear instructions. So even in your own mind stop using the word trying. You aren’t trying to stop smoking, you are a non-smoker. This is also useful when talking to other people. If you say no to a piece of cake because you are trying to lose weight you will open yourself up to debate and conversation, and some people will almost enjoy trying to break your will power. Just say no thanks and change the subject.

Get help from a Life Coach if it’s useful

I hope you find all of this helpful, but remember if you are struggling you don’t need to do this on your own. Enlist your friends and family – or contact me to find out how a Life Coach or Hypnotherapist can help you.

Brenda Cox
Colchester Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Life Coach and Supervision in Colchester, Essex

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