What Are Panic Attack Symptoms?

Many people are very well aware of what they believe are panic attack symptoms.  Especially if you experience panic attacks yourself. There are indeed some classic panic attack symptoms which you will recognise.  But you may also be surprised about … Continue reading »

Are Anxiety and Depression Related?

Are anxiety and depression related is a really good question because the 2 often appear together in my hypnotherapy room. I’m a therapist not a scientist, so my non-scientific answer is – they can be. But equally they can be … Continue reading »

Why Anxiety Happens

I thought it might be helpful to run a series of blogs which focus on the questions I often get asked about anxiety and panic attacks. I thought I’d start with one I get asked in many different forms – … Continue reading »

Anxiety – Living With An Old Friend

If you’ve been living with anxiety for a number of years it might feel a bit like an old friend.  It may even be a friend that you’ve had your whole life. It’s there when you wake up in the … Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy – are changes permanent?

There’s an advert on TV at the moment for a well-known toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  In it the dentist says that people often notice a positive change when she recommends they use this toothpaste.  Then after a while they come … Continue reading »

Hypno-birthing – Confident Childbirth

If you have found this article then you are probably pregnant, or hoping to be pregnant soon, and looking for information on hypno-birthing. So congratulations! I know that when I started to look for hypno-birthing training many years ago, there … Continue reading »

Fear of Flying – how hypnotherapy can help

Do you have a fear of flying? In this article we look at simple steps you can take to help yourself. Also at how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you let go of the fear. For most people a fear of … Continue reading »

Self Hypnosis in Self Care Week 2016

This week is Self Care Week in the UK and their theme is Understanding Self Care for Life. I think that Self Care is often the first thing we stop doing when we have a problem. But, it is actually … Continue reading »

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Colchester

I am very pleased that from 27th September I will be providing Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Colchester. Having run a busy hypnotherapy practice for many years in Hertfordshire and London’s Harley Street, I moved last year to Frinton in Essex. I … Continue reading »

Professional Hypnotherapy – What to Expect

Professional hypnotherapy is very different to the hypnotherapy we see in films or on TV. It is certainly very different to stage hypnosis! But if you have never had a course of professional hypnotherapy it can seem a scary idea. … Continue reading »