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If you have found this article then you are probably pregnant, or hoping to be pregnant soon, and looking for information on hypno-birthing. So congratulations!

I know that when I started to look for hypno-birthing training many years ago, there were so many different methods to choose from. If anything, that number has grown over the years. Also, as usual, there are pros and cons with all of them.

I chose Confident Childbirth partly because it was devised and trained by someone I respected. But also because of the many aspects of the method that appealed to me.

But why would you want to choose Confident Childbirth as your method for hypno-birthing?

Why Choose Confident Childbirth?

Hypno-birthing available in Colchester Essex, online and at homeWhen you are looking for a hypno-birthing class I’m sure you want one that is an exact fit for you, your partner and your baby. Confident Childbirth provides this for you.

I never believe in ‘one size fits all’ and no more so than with hypno-birthing. Although there is a basic structure of 4 sessions in the package, everything is tailored to you as an individual. At the first session I listen to what you want and then I choose the right techniques to use with you. I also choose the right tools to teach you to take away from our sessions.

You can choose to have your partner there learning alongside you – or not.

Choose when to start your sessions and how soon to your expected birth date to finish them.

Add extra sessions into the package if you have particular fears or past negative experiences that you want to deal with.

You can have individual sessions with me or to join a small hypno-birthing group.

Even if you choose the small groups, there are never more than 4 ladies attending. This means that I can still be flexible and work with what you agree as a group is important to cover.

With today’s technology, you can even choose to stay in the comfort of your own home and have sessions online. Don’t worry about the technology, I simply send you an invitation via email and you click on the link to join your session.  Or you can have home visits in the Clacton, Frinton on Sea or Colchester areas.

How to start?

Give me a call or send me an email via my online form – or contact me via my Facebook page. We can then arrange a completely free initial conversation – on the phone, online or in person at my office in Colchester.

We can discuss any questions you may have, Confident Childbirth, hypno-birthing in general and then agree the best start date for your first session.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you have the best possible hypno-birthing experience.

Hypnotherapist and Confident Childbirth Practitioner
At The Tree Room, Colchester, Essex
Home visits in the surrounding area – Colchester, Clacton, Frinton, Walton, Harwich
Online therapy via Skype or Zoom

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