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Hypnotherapy and Coaching Sessions in Frinton on Sea

Since the introduction of Covid restrictions my hypnotherapy and coaching sessions now take place online via Zoom or Skype. This works very well and there are no restrictions on the tools and techniques that we can use in an online session. In fact, many people now prefer having their sessions in the comfort of their own home or office.

In some circumstances sessions can also take place by phone.

Because we are all individuals, I don’t use set treatment plans during our hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. Our first session is an extended one where I take the time to listen to your therapy goals and to understand how I can help you to achieve them in the best possible way (and timescale) for you. As we continue to work togther then we are constantly assessing our progress and I can adapt my way of working if required. 

My clients sometimes want to only experience hypnotherapy or coaching, and that is okay. But often the best results are obtained by combining both hypnotherapy and coaching and allowing me to choose the appropriate techniques for you at each stage of our work together.

I want you to feel completely comfortable with me and with my way of working. So, we always start with a free conversation to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. We can then agree if my approach is right for you and plan the best course of sessions. 


If you are thinking about hypnotherapy or coaching then I expect you have been researching costs, so you will know that there is a big variation. These differences are often due to different locations and the experience level of your chosen therapist.

You may also have spotted that some therapists charge by the session and others have set courses of treatment.

You and your problem are unique, so we will discuss the recommended number of sessions and the best way to structure this (and pay) during our initial conversation. As we work together we will assess your progress at each session and adjust our plans if necessary. My aim is to help you to achieve your goals in the right way for you and we will never have more hypnotherapy and coaching sessions than you actually need.

However, I know that it would be important to me to have a rough idea of costs before making contact so as a guide the average number of sessions I have with an individual is 5 and the cost of each session is £60.

Our initial conversation is free and no obligation.

All fees are payable in advance, at the time of booking, via bank transfer. I ask that you give at least 48 working hours notice of changing or rescheduling a session.

What is Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a unique blend of hypnotherapy and coaching tools which allows me to treat you as an individual.

This short video by its founder, Trevor Silvester, will help to explain it but I am happy to answer any questions you may have during our initial conversation. You can also visit the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy website to find out more and to subscribe to their regular monthly emails.

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