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My Hypnotherapy Colchester practice is celebrating an anniversary. It is 3 years this month since I relocated my practice to the lovely Tree Room in the centre of Colchester.

Another big change at that time was my decision to gradually move from being a general hypnotherapist to specialising in working with anxiety and panic attacks. Very shortly I will be publishing my first book – No Tigers No Lions, A Practical Guide to Mastering Your Anxiety.

I still work with other clients and problems that come along to my Hypnotherapy Colchester practice. But my personal area of expertise and knowledge will continue to be anxiety and panic attacks.

These are problems that I have encountered and overcome for myself. This means that I know 100% that you can too.

Also, I know that anxiety and panic can spread itself into so many different areas of our lives, if we don’t take action to stop it.

My move to Hypnotherapy Colchester and my decision to specialise was exciting. But it also brought on old feelings of anxiety.

Change and Anxiety

Change and doing something new often does bring on anxiety. We are genetically coded to like things to stay the same.

Hypnotherapy ColchesterAs I often explain to my clients, even if the change is something good that your conscious and logical mind wants, there is a part of us that won’t like it. The old ‘cavewoman’ part of our brain wants everything to stay the same because it is safe. If you come out of your cave in the morning and it looks the same as it did last night then that is a good thing.

So relocating my business and changing the focus of my work was scary to the unconscious part of my mind.

This happens to some of my clients. They really want to make changes and master their anxiety. They have a couple of sessions with me and things begin to change for the better. Then suddenly things appear to crash. Their anxiety is not as bad as when we started but it suddenly dips to a lower level.

This is a temporary blip and the positive changes will start again. We take a deep breath together and we continue working on the old problem. It is simply the old ‘cavewoman’ part of their brain having a panic.

Which means we can remind ourselves that we are safe and choose to continue moving forward. I’m certainly glad that I moved my hypnotherapy practice to Colchester, and I’m glad that when I publish my book I will take another big step forward.

If you would like to come along to Hypnotherapy Colchester for an initial free consultation then get in touch. Together we can master your anxiety.

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