Losing Weight Naturally

Many people who approach me about weight loss are interested in losing weight naturally. They want to get off the yo-yo dieting cycle and start to tune-in to their bodies again. They want to eat healthily and in response to hunger rather than in response to sadness, stress and other emotions.

As you may have seen from my article last month – I have decided to lose a few pounds too. I started last month with a couple of weeks on a cleansing diet to get going. But I know the risks of dieting over a long period of time and want to get back into a “normal” eating pattern.

At the same time I discovered a wonderful book – The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I recommend it as a good read if you are trying to make any changes in your life. The point of the book is that if we take small steps each and every day, consistently, over time they add up to big changes.

If you’ve already had hypnotherapy with me you know how often I say that “small changes add together and connect together”. Well this book really drives the message home. It’s full of examples from all different life areas: finance, happiness, career etc.

Because it reminded me of the small steps message I teach my clients, it got me thinking about weight loss in particular. How it can help you – and me.

I began to consider the idea of eating just 200 calories less a day. How that might add up over time, knowing that to lose 1lb of weight we need to eat about 3,500 calories less than we use up in energy.

Small Changes Quickly Add Up

So just 200 calories less a day over a month isn’t much – just over 1 ½ lb lost.

But over a year? 20lb lost. And we all know that slow steady weight loss is more likely to be permanent than quick yo-yo dieting.

The main reason why this idea appeals to me is I believe it is easy to cut out 200 calories a day without even noticing it. It won’t even feel as if I’m doing anything different.

Probably, like me, you have little eating and drinking habits that you could change or cut out without feeling deprived. I used to have 2 biscuits with my tea in the evening.  Swapping to one doesn’t feel like a major change. Asking for a skinny latte not so different to a full fat one. Trying different low fat fillings in my lunch time sandwich is actually introducing me to new things I like.

You will have a different list to mine but I’m sure you could come up with a list of small changes to try. Remember you don’t have to do them all every day – you just have to cut out 200 calories a day.

Losing weight naturally is a wonderful goal to have, and I always support my clients to do this whenever possible. But the sad news is that losing weight naturally still involves eating less calories than you use up in energy. Using the slight edge principles and allowing small changes to add together and connect together could be the difference that makes the difference to me – and for you.

I’ll let you know how I get on in future articles. To find out more about how I can help you lose weight with Cognitive Hypnotherapy contact me.

Brenda Cox
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