Relief From Anxiety

Getting relief from anxiety might feel like a far off dream, especially if you are stuck in one of the really low points of your problem.

I know how that feels. My anxiety used to go in cycles. Sometimes so bad that I couldn’t imagine a way to leave the house, let alone be completely ‘cured’. Then at other times it would feel better. The anxiety was still there but it didn’t feel so bad, and I was able to go to work, exercise, meet friends etc.

Many of us experience similar cycles, and this is completely normal. But it can also be part of what stops us getting full relief from anxiety, we never take the steps that we need to take in order to master it completely.

Why do I say that? Well, when things are really bad we say we will do anything possible to get better. We are so desperate for a solution. We might even make a phone call to a therapist like me to talk about options.

But, when things feel a little bit better we think, ‘This isn’t so bad, I can deal with this on my own’, and we cancel any plans we had put in place.

None of this is wrong and different solutions do work for different people. In my ‘lighter’ times I read a lot of self-help books and I made good progress. I used the techniques that I learned in therapy and I made giant steps forward.

But what I think is important is that in order to get long term relief from anxiety we have to take some steps to move forward whenever we do feel better. Whenever we do have the energy to do something about it. Because when we are in the difficult times any action can simply feel too much.

I know that no matter how bad your panic attacks and anxiety are at the moment, you can do this. I have my own personal experience of it, and I have seen it in many, many people that I have worked with over the years. Relief from anxiety is there ahead of you, and 2020 could be the year that you fully experience it.

There are a couple of ways that I can help you. We can work together using hypnotherapy and coaching techniques either at my therapy rooms in Colchester, or online. Contact me to organise a completely free and no obligation initial consultation.

Mastering Your AnxietyOr if you prefer my recently published book is full of tools and techniques that you can work through at your own pace. It is available in both paperback and kindle versions via Amazon.

I wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year!

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