Self Confidence – I’ve never seen an un-confident baby …

Clients often say to me – I’ve always been this way, I’ve never had much self confidence. But I think we were all confident at some stage, although we may have been too young to remember it.

If we look at babies they don’t lack self confidence. They know exactly what they want, when they want it – and they speak up loudly to ask for it (OK they make a loud noise to ask for it).

Very small children tend to be confident too, especially when they are with their family. They play without worrying about who is watching them and what they look like. They have big ambitions about what they are going to do with their life – astronauts, firemen, the Queen!

So where does our self confidence go?

Well, we start to interact with other people. Friends we make at school, the wider family group, teachers etc. We begin to see how they behave. We hear them speak about what they believe and what’s important to them. Then our self-confidence begins to be replaced by other beliefs that limit us. Common ones we adopt are “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not as good as other people”, and “I don’t deserve it”.

These negative beliefs very quickly settle into our unconscious minds and we begin to live as if they were true. But in fact we are still the same little child full of self confidence – who loved to run around and make silly noises.

It is very rare for me to meet someone with absolutely no self confidence. Our beliefs tend to affect different areas of our lives. You might lack confidence when meeting prospective new partners and get all tongue tied and stutter. But you might be very confident giving a presentation to your team at work. The way you think, your attitudes and your beliefs are affecting your perception of the situation and the people involved in it.

I believe we can all change our level of confidence and Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help. Together we will identify all the different factors in your life that have led to it. We will then use a combination of different techniques and individually written suggestion patterns to allow you to change the way that you think and to begin to build self-confidence. You will also gain a range of tools that you can use in different situations to help you cope more and more easily.


If you want to check what you could achieve without your limiting beliefs, try asking yourself a question. “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” Let your imagination go wild. You might be surprised with what you come up with.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you change your behaviour, attitudes and beliefs give me a call today.

Brenda Cox
Hypnotherapy Colchester
Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence, Supervision and Coaching in Colchester, Essex

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