Self Hypnosis in Self Care Week 2016

This week is Self Care Week in the UK and their theme is Understanding Self Care for Life.

I think that Self Care is often the first thing we stop doing when we have a problem. But, it is actually one of the most important things we should be thinking about at these times.

When we are depressed we lack the energy and enthusiasm to do anything. In the early days of our depression we might stop doing things we enjoy, like our hobbies. We stop cooking proper meals for ourselves. We stop exercising. In the more advanced stages we can’t even be bothered to take a shower, wash our hair or even get out of bed.

With anxiety we even stop breathing properly – especially when we are in a panic. I often laugh with my clients as one of the first things I get them to remember to do is to breath.

Self Hypnosis can help make you happierHow does Self Hypnosis fit in?

People think Self Hypnosis is difficult, a real skill to learn. I believe that at its simplest form it is remembering to sit still and breath for a few minutes. You can learn visualisations to help you practice self hypnosis. You can download tracks from the internet and buy apps to help you learn how to do it.

Self Hypnosis has many great benefits including:

  • A few moments break in the middle of the day;
  • Your breathing and heart beat slow down – which means your blood pressure usually does too. This is great for your health in general but particularly important if you have suffered from anxiety for a while and your nervous system is running on “red alert”.
  • Over time your thoughts and worrying begin to slow down. This clears the way for some real quality thinking to take place. Your creativity has space to shine through, and you might even be able to solve some of your problems.
  • You can give yourself some positive suggestions about what you do want to achieve – how you want to feel.

What’s the difference between self hypnosis and meditation?

From a science perspective, there isn’t really a difference. What happens in your brain during a period of self hypnosis and a period of meditation is virtually the same.

I believe that the difference is in your intention. With self hypnosis you set an intention – something you want to achieve or change. That intention can be as simple as “I want to relax” or “I want to feel calm”. Or it can be a goal that you want to achieve such as wanting to eat more fruit and vegetables, and therefore lose weight.

You can set your intention before you start your period of self hypnosis. Or you can give yourself positive intentions or use affirmations once you are relaxed.

How can you start learning self hypnosis?

Here’s a really simple set of steps that I use all the time. But if you prefer you can sign up to my newsletter (at the top of the page) for a free relaxation download. Or look on your favourite app store – there are lots available to help you.

  • Close your eyes and take a couple of deeper breaths;
  • Imagine the colour of relaxation.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by that colour – a bubble of calmness.
  • Start to draw the colour and the feeling into your body on the in breath.
  • Imagine it flowing around you.
  • When you are ready – imagine releasing out things you don’t need on the out breath.
  • Allow yourself to sink down into a place of safety.
  • Rest in that place and repeat your affirmations or suggestions to yourself.

Have fun taking care of yourself.

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